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Our objectives of Agile processes is to meet the needs of the customer, which also happens to be one of the primary objectives of the Product Manager, so in one sense at least, product management and Agile practices would seem to be complementary.This reduces the previous individual responsibility Product Managers had for representing the stakeholders. By spreading this accountability across the team, the Product Manager, if he still exists, no longer stands alone as the sole flag bearer for the user.

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The Product Management role then, is seemingly being eroded by the employment of Agile methods and practices. In fact, there are some who promote the use of the term Product Owner as the role that manages user requirements and discourage the use of the term Product Manager entirely, thus completing our previously asserted demise of the Product Manager! It must be stressed that the Product Owner is NOT a replacement for the Product Manager; there is overlap in job descriptions, but their overall drive is different.

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